There is straw again and a mattress made of hay was built

It was an exciting, hot and intense summer! I hope you could enjoy it as much as we did? Will we get a golden autumn as well? In any case, it will become golden for all rabbits and guinea pigs out there! Because we finally got back straw in the assortment! It is dedusted and weighs 2.5 kg per pack.

A bed of hay/hay mattress! With the scent of many precious herbs and grasses

If you also want to have a hay bed, you will need between five and seven Hubertus hay packs á 5000 grams (depending on the desired mattress height). Barbara just filled your mattress cover with hay.

Barbara used our Premium Hubertus hay to built a Hay mattress . Depending on the desired mattress thickness, you need between five and seven packs of 5000 grams. She was kind enough and wrote us a few lines:

We sleep so well that we would never again replace it for a normal mattress. It’s a bit strange, because the surface is not straight, but uneven, but that just seems to be very good for the back – our back pain has been completely gone since the first night sleeping on it.

The smell is very soothing and we sleep deeper and need a little less sleep. af. In short, filling the mattress cover with hay was a good decision! We’ll stick to it. Thank you for the good advice and for the good hay. It is soft, does not stick and you can smell how many different herbs it contains.

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