Of course, our hay for rabbits and guinea pigs is not about magic. But it is something very special!

What is premium hay, and where does it come from?

We bring the pre-dried hay in the field prematurely and dry it there with a special drying of the hay! The drying of the hay ensures that the cut grass is perfectly dried and the losses of color and leaves are as low as possible.

It is only through this approach that we obtain a higher leaf share compared to hay dried purely by the sun. Especially in the leaves are the important vitamins and nutrients for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Another sign of high quality is the greenish natural coloring of this product! In addition, we largely remove the dust from our hay. Our hay-cleaning machine ensures this.

What is the result?
It is a real Austrian quality product!

Meanwhile we offer our hay in different sizes. So there is something for small to large users!