Would you like to organize a hay transportation?

heu-transporte-bigNo problem! Simply enter the pick-up and delivery address in the form below. Important! Please do not forget your e-mail address and phone number!

Important: Shipping services are not carried out (!) from Heu-kaufen.com. For this, we have partners who directly contact our customers. After submitting the form, you will receive an offer for the delivery of the hay directly from our partner.

How much a transportation will cost?

The following indicators are intended to provide a first overview.

Up to 150 km 85.00 EUR / hour
Up to 180 km 2.20 EUR / km
Up to 250 km 1.50 EUR / km
Up to 400 km 1.40 EUR / km
More than 400 km 1.35 EUR / km

Additional costs for weighing 50 EUR (empty and full weighing)

Guidelines for normal standard trailers up to an internal height of 2.7m
Prices excl. VAT! All statements are without guarantee. You will receive an official offer after completing the above form.

To avoid unnecessary work: Please use this service only if you have already purchased hay.

Form to organize a hay transportation






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