Buying Hay for Horses in Premium Quality – Test Package

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  • Particularly high feed hygiene
  • High crude fiber content
  • Modern preservation by machine drying
  • Precious grasses and herbs
  • High quality hay from the Tyrolean Mountains
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    • 16 Kg Premium-Hay
    • Larger quantities are available upon request (Price depending on the quantity taken & the distance)
    • We supply quarter balls, round bales and on pallet
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Since 2014 we regularly supply several hundred rabbit owners with our hay. Unlike hay for rabbits, hay for horses must have a maximum of cleanliness and a high raw fiber content. Therefore, we do not give a chance to spoilages like molds, because we dry our hay by machine. This saves our horse hay a further gyro cycle. This results in hay with a greenish natural coloration as well as a much leaf-rich one. The leaves also contain important vitamins and minerals.

Some customers have reported that the vitality and health of the horse has improved after a long period of feeding. Power feed and various horses feed could be reduced. Before you buy a whole range of hay for horses, we recommend first ordering a single box, so you can convince yourself of the quality.

We always use the same meadows. There is only one source for our hay for horses. And these are the Tyrolean Mountains! Dubious sources are rejected from the outset.

Ingredients of Hay for Horses

We are known to always disclose our ingredients (see content about hay for rabbits) and always write an interpretation. This time, too, we have carried out a feed analysis.

Crude Protein < 100%
Too much protein (over 100%) can cause laminitis. Our hay has 85% and is therefore a tolerable value.

Crude Fiber – from 300 to 330
Our hay was cut in the middle of the bloom and has a raw fiber content of 300. Therefore, they are conserved as “fresh” plants, which are less heavily wooded and faded. As plants grow older, parts die from it. These often then form a nutrient base for fungi and can strain animal health (lungs). Also drying is more difficult resulting in the risk of campus fungi.

Raw Ash (80 – 100)
The raw ash provides information on the amount of the minerals contained. The ideal value should be between 80 and 90. Our hay has 97 and therefore contains a small food contamination, which can have been caused by a mound of earth, however, is up to 100 completely harmless.

Sugar (< 100 is ideal)
In general the following applies: The less sugar value the better. Our hay has a sugar value of 95. The more sugar the more dangerous is a change since digestive disturbances in the microbial digestion can develop in the appendix. This can then lead to gastric colic. The causes of much gastric colic are feeding habits. Feed conversions should therefore always be carried out over several days (smaller quantities). Due to the cutting time (middle flowering), the sugar should actually be a lot higher. In fact, this is dampened by the higher herbal content. Since our hay is harvested at an altitude of 1100 m, the herbal portion (also medicinal herbs) is higher than in a normal plant stock.

Energy (calculated value < 9.5)
The energy content of our hay is 9.11 MJ Nel. This covers roughly the energy requirements of little to not used horses.

Microbiological findings of Hay for Horses

Valuation basis: Guidance values of VDLUFA-Hay (PDF)

Dry Mass Content
The dry mass content in the tested sample is in the recommended range (should be >870 g/kg TM).

Product-type Bacterial Germs
The content of product-type bacterial germs (other bacteria) is on a safe level. The guideline value for good/safe quality is 30 million CFU/g foods.

Spoiling-displaying bacterial Germs
The content of bacterial germs (bacillus) indicating the disease is on a safe level. The guideline value for good/safe quality is 2 million CFU/g foods.

Field Mushrooms
The content of field fungi (Coelomycetes, Cladosporia, Aureobasidien, Fusarium) is on a safe level. The guideline value for good/safe quality is 200,000 CFU/g foods.

Stock Fungi
No stock fungi were found.

Yeast Germ
The content of yeast germs is on a safe level.
The guideline value for good/safe quality is 150,000 CFU/g foods.

Feed Analysis Download

We specialize in the production of hay for horses, premium hay with high quality grasses and herbs from Tyrol on pallets.

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